Tips on choosing your neutral

Neutral has many meanings depending on your point of view. It could refer to the background colour of your home, the interior of your car or the basic colour in your wardrobe. For our purposes we are going to consider the best neutral for your wardrobe.
For many years the standard wardrobe neutral has been black –“the little black dress”, “everyone needs a pair of black shoes”, “the power suit”, “the winter coat”, “you can’t go wrong with black”. Oddly, very few people actually look good in black; it can pull all the colour out of your face and make you look drained. To choose black as the base colour to build your wardrobe around can send you into colour choices that really don’t look good on you. Your skin tone and natural hair colour should be the factors determining your choice of neutral. And that choice will change as you age and the pigment in your skin and hair become cooler.
Consider matching your natural hair colour with your basic shoes and handbag. Auburns should consider a warm dark brown, if your hair has turned gray look at shades of charcoal or pewter, blondes can wear shades of tan or taupe. Of course, if your shoes and handbag match your outfit that is even better.
In future blogs we will discuss choosing colours for your entire wardrobe, for your dancing and for your special event as well as fashions trends and how to make them work for you.

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