Where have the years gone?

I logged onto this site this week while maintaining social distance from the rest of the world and realized that I haven’t posted anything since 2013! That is 7 – count them, seven – years! Good grief. It seems that my business was not going to be focused on sharing information in a blog. It became very focused on sewing ballroom dance costumes. I have lost count of how many I have made. The plan was to make 8-10 a year and that is pretty close I think.

Fashion Show at a Ballroom Nights Dance November 2018
I am 5th from left.

My wonderful clients participated in fashion shows in November of 2017 and 2018. Each wore a garment I had made and danced their way down the runway to the gentlemen waiting for them who were also modelling my garments. None were repeated and many ladies modelled two dresses. So, yes, I guess it has been a good seven years.

Teaching has continued and I thoroughly enjoy sharing what I have learned, especially the challenges of sewing with spandex.

The winter of 2019-2020 was fraught with anxiety, while I tried to finish 7 costumes for a special Arthur Murray Dance-O-Rama to be held in Vancouver at the end of April. I got 4 completed and then COVID19 reared its ugly head. One has been postponed, and I am continuing with the last two, but the pressure is definitely off. The multitude of alterations I was expecting this month didn’t materialize. And, you know what? I like it that way. I have time to really think about the designs and enjoy the process. Thank heaven for sewing!

Here are 2 of them.

A sassy Latin costume designed for a mature lady. Lovely, drapey ITY for the dress and Swarovski “Volcano” stones for bling.
This gown is what I call a “Combo”. The “smooth”skirt snaps on under the Latin dress to allow for quick changes at showcases. The ITY, patterned chiffon and the lace used for the design detail are all bought locally at Fabricana. The crystals are Swarovski in various colours.

Sewers have the perfect occupation for self-isolation. We can stay in our sewing rooms and slowly work through our stash of fabrics and no one can tell us we should be doing something else. Absolute joy, right?