Colour Trends – Spring is bright

It is such a relief after a long dull winter of grey, black and purple to see bright turquoise and sherbet orange in the stores again. The colours this spring are BRIGHT!  Brilliant jewel tones are being shown in colour blocks of turquoise and chartreuse, emerald green with rich oranges in a variety of soft flowing fabrics.  For those women who have dark hair and strong colouring this is your year! The colours being shown this spring are going to look fabulous on those of Asian or African descent as well as Snow White look-alikes.  What about those of us with softer skin tones and pale hair? Can we wear the bright tones? Certainly, you just have to choose wisely. Make sure the colour compliments your skin tone and you feel good in it. Hold it up to your face and if the colour of your eyes “pop” then you’ve chosen well.

If you are a little shy about wearing the truly bright colours try mixing them with your favourite neutral. The magazines might be showing that hot pink jacket with a sunshine yellow dress, but you might be more comfortable wearing it with a soft white or cream. Or, if the blocks of colours don’t appeal to you, try the fabulous patterns that are being shown. Bright butterflies on white or black, brilliant flower patterns and some truly retro patterns reminiscent of the ‘60s are being shown. So, go ahead, buy something a little daring and have some fun this spring. Mix up the patterns but match the colour tones. Some patterned fabrics have the same print on a variety of background colours giving you options for spicing up a simple top with a contrasting collar or even make a skirt or pants in the contrast. Check out some of the fabrics at

Whatever you choose this spring make sure it makes you smile when you wear it.  When you smile you look fabulous.



2 thoughts on “Colour Trends – Spring is bright

  1. Fabulous article, Diana! Makes me want to give my closet a makeover – it’s full of those blacks, greys and plums. I didn’t know you were blogging, so I’ll watch for future posts..

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